Fotile Kitchen Appliances


Shaze is one of the leading distributors of Fotile in Islamabad. Shaze can provide you all Fotile kitchen appliances in Islamabad with best prices as compare to others in Islamabad. We welcome your visit at our state of the art Fotile showrooms located at Blue Area, F-10 and DHA Islamabad, Pakistan.

Range Hoods:

FOTILE hoods provides strong and efficient smoke capture and removal so you can cook whatever your heart desires.


FOTILE hobs, efficient with direct injector, high heat stir frying, stable fire soup stewing, saving time and effort, FOTILE technology can meet all your demands for delicacy cooking.

Electric Ovens:

FOTILE ovens can make 80 cookies at a time. Go ahead and throw a party this weekend, FOTILE oven will make cooking for it a breeze.

Microwave ovens:

FOTILE microwave oven, not just fast and convenient. Preparing everything from barbecue spare ribs to a warm glass of milk is a piece of cake. That is the secret to a nutritious meal made in two minutes.

Steam ovens:

FOTILE steam oven, steam the healthy new delicacy. Steaming preserves food's original flavor and texture. Even when cooking a variety of dishes, no odor is transferred from one dish to the other. Easily make a nutritious meal or a leisurely dessert. With eight intelligent cooking modes, it is hard not to give in to the temptation of your inner five-star chef and pursue your culinary dreams.